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More Than Screen Capture

CloudShot is a free utilities and tools created for advanced screen capturing. The software features integration of notes to regular screenshots.

Everything Needed For Screen Capturing

CloudShot is flexible for utilization on both personal and business use. It captures everything on 1 - 2 screens with the tap of a hotkey or pressing the software’s tray icon. The software ensures that every scene captured are saved and there is no need to hurry on selecting a screen.

Faster Screen Capture Sharing

CloudShot is designed to be more than just a screen capturer. Normal screen capture involves static, fullscreen screenshots either in .jpg or .png. Users have to manually trim their screenshots through a photo editing software. On the other hand, this software can capture and crop a specific portion of the screen. Users can select and drag any part of the screen to be captured. The software will do the processing of the screenshot. They are free to add comments, as well as edit the screenshot through the software’s simple editor. The fully edited screenshots are shareable to cloud storage services. It works on platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Imgur, and OneDrive.

Video Capturing Feature

CloudShot is also capable of capturing everything in a selected area. This feature is handy for making tutorials online. There is the “Follow Mouse” option where the screen capture section follows where the cursor moves. The video recording is able to be paused for segmenting sections or taking a quick break. Users can also check their recordings before sending them online, at the same time they can restart their recording again with the same screen size. Similar to the screenshot feature, they can share the captured videos on cloud storage services. The video is also uploadable to user’s FTP, as well as to email for backup purposes. Users can turn the recorded video into GIFs for minimum space requirements at the cost of no audio. 

Getting Everything Captured

CloudShot gives several functionalities that a default screen capture lacks. It functions as a screen capturer, recorder and screencap editor. It also skips the procedure of opening a separate photo editor when tweaking raw pictures or videos.


  • Share screen captures online
  • Take shots across 1-2 screens
  • Works with cloud storage services
  • Create tutorials out of screen captures


  • Requires precise resizing
  • Lacks different fonts for text annotations
  • Obstructive interface
  • There are better screen capture software available

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CloudShot 6.1.2 for PC

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